Monday, June 18, 2007

The culture of birthing

I am asking for a total change in the culture of birthing, changing the focus of all the care from the provider to the woman. We seek a new culture that recognises the natural order in pregnancy, birth and nurture of the baby as superior to any artificially contrived system.

Remember ‘if it’s not broken, don’t fix it’. I was delighted to hear that Chinese traditional wisdom has the same concept in ‘wu wei’ - the following excerpt from Wikipedia was given to me by a friend "One way of thinking of wu wei is through Zhuangzi's writing about how a prince should govern his kingdom. The advice that was given is that it is similar to frying a small fish (too much poking and the meal is ruined).”

The culture of birth will change only when women reclaim their authority for their own bodies; only when the message that ‘birth is not an illness’ is heard. The role of maternity professionals will then change from being predominantly carers of sick people to agents of health promotion, working together to enable women to improve their health through pregnancy and birth, and to have strong, healthy and resilient families.

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