Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Thoughts about maternity organisations

Today I am beginning a new theme, maternity organisations, which I plan to write about over the coming weeks. I hope that these thoughts will be productive, in supporting those who generously volunteer their time, skill, and energy to improving maternity care for all women in a society. I am writing about issues, not individual people. If any reader wishes to suggest an issue or topic, for my comment, or to make a guest comment on this blog, please contact me.

Voluntary associations require a set of rules and a committee to manage the affairs. The rules are the constitution, and if an organisation has become incorporated in law, the rules and an annual statement are lodged with a statutory body, such as (in Victoria) the Office of Fair Trading and Business Affairs at the Department of Justice.

Anyone who is interested in understanding how organisations work can check websites such as Our Community, or read well respected text books such as N E Renton, Guide for Meetings and Organisations, volumes 1 and 2.


The TATE family are members of our Club.
First of all, there is DICK TATE, who wants to run every activity.
Then there are his two brothers - RO TATE, who tries to change everything, and POTEN TATE, who wants to be the big shot.
Their sister, AGI TATE, likes to stir up trouble and her cousin IRA TATE, often helps her. Another cousin, IMI TATE, wants the Club to mimic everybody else.
The parents, HESI TATE and VEGE TATE, pour cold water on all proposals put forward by the committee.
The annual meeting always groans when another relative, DEVAS TATE, stands up to speak. But FACILI TATE often moves constructive amendments.
The most delightful member of this large family is FELICI TATE, while old ES TATE is always welcome for is generous donations to Club funds.
(Source: Renton, 6th edition (1994), Volume 1, page 306)

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