Thursday, March 12, 2009

A blog worth reading

This blog is by a woman Lauredhel. I have added a link to my blog list, and have left a comment after the post Maternity Services Review: Medicare payments to OBs up from $77m to $211m since 2004.

Here's the comment:
I am one of the independent midwives in Victoria facing loss of my livelihood if the recommendations of the Review are implemented. Most of my colleagues are keeping quiet. Perhaps it will go away!

I find the Report wishy washy and lacking any direction other than backward. The Discussion Paper advised that: “Improving the delivery of maternity services in Australia is not the responsibility of any single party. While there are actions which could be undertaken by the Australian Government on its own, substantial change requires a combined approach.”

Let's get real. Most of the Recommendations could be done without the Australian Government's permission. The Minister has the opportunity to move the focus of maternity care from a broken system, and a financial monopoly privileging the medical profession, to the woman, by funding a woman to obtain the basic care she needs.

Yet from the Report, and the Minister's statements on the SBS Insight program on Tuesday night, she seems unaware that if she follows the advice of the Recomemndations she will be setting birth back into the doctor supervision era that most midwives remember. It was only 1996 when Victorian midwives were free of the old regulations (1985) that required us to have a doctor's permission to do a vaginal exam. Whose vagina, you may ask?

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