Tuesday, March 03, 2009


the federal government provides an affordable indemnity arrangement for independent midwives, before 1 July 2010
midwives will be able to continue attending women who plan homebirth, and accompany women who go to hospital, as we do today.

there is no indemnity provision for independent midwives
* the only homebirth options will be those provided under public funding
* the only midwives will be those who are employed by hospitals, health services etc
* midwives will not be able to provide any private fee for service consultations
* some women will engage unregistered attendants to attend them when giving birth at home (that is, go underground). This puts mothers and babies at risk, as there is no regulation or accountability of the attendants.

there are no publicly funded homebirth programs in Victoria

the refusal of the Maternity Services Review to do anything about funding homebirth nationally means that the buck has been passed from the federal health portfolio back to the state

mothers and midwives and anyone else who considers midwife led models of care with the option of homebirth a reasonable choice need to make a concerted effort to approach the State Health Minister, and their local state government MPs, to urgently request action in the public interest.

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