Saturday, March 14, 2009

Sara Wickham's study day

Today midwives had a good study day with Sarah Wickham, hosted by Capers.

Sara's topic was 'Women, midwives, risk and decisions'.

Many of Sara's articles, including discussions and references on Anti-D, vitamin K, Group B Strep, and post term pregnancy are available at her website


Roxi said...

Hi Joy, I wanted to ask in the Elluminate session just now, but do you know what has happened to Sara's website. My mentor reccomends it to my 'follow through journey' women, but its no longer there?

Joy Johnston said...

Hi Roxi
I don't have a link to Sara's blot. YOu could contact her at MIDIRS.

Joy Johnston said...

oops - that should be 'blog'

Roxi said...

Ok, thank you! (by the way i was so very impressed with your submission yesterday. I dont think I would have kept my cool the way you women did when facing those 'inquirers')