Thursday, May 07, 2009

Baby born in a church

'Instant baby delivered in Church'
Here is fascinating footage from youtube, recording the birth of a baby girl in an African church.

The sound and visual quality is poor, but the story is clear. Two young mothers went to the church and were placed in the 'emergency section' to receive special prayer. As the minister prayed for them, one stood up and quickly gave birth to her baby on the concrete floor. She later testifies that she had been told she had a problem with jaundice, and that her baby was obstructed. She felt the baby move into position and she gave birth.

The woman sitting next to her had asked for prayer because her pregnancy was overdue. She testified that, having witnessed the birth in church, she went home and gave birth to a healthy baby boy (whose boy parts were displayed for the record) without any problems.

Most of my readers know of my Christian faith. Although I do not share the charismatic type of religious practice that is obvious in this video clip, I am able with all my heart to praise God for these births to young women in Lagos, Nigeria.

Many midwifery writers and thinkers have drawn attention to the ecstatic, out of body experience that can be part of normal birthing. We have come to understand that in advanced labour a woman's conscious, thinking mind - the neocortex - needs to be quiet, to free her to work with her body's intuitive, instinctive abilities which are based in the deeper part of her brain. In drawing together what I know as a midwife and as a mother who has given birth without medical stimulants or painkillers, with the power I know we have in prayer to the one true God who created us, I am not surprised when I witness this amazing ecstatic birthing.

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