Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Being born is important

When you are able to take a moment for reflection, please go to Marina's blog to read this beautiful poem.

Marina is a midwife in Chiapas, Mexico.

The universal nature of deep truth about life, such as the truth so beautifully expressed in this poem, reminds me that we who know birth are the keepers and guardians of a precious treasure.


daydreamer and midwife said...

thank you, sister midwife Joy, for loving poetry and spreading the word. Many blessings!

midwife of the plains said...

I love this poem also. I posted it on my blog as an opening post last year http://plainmidwife.blogspot.com/2008/04/greetings.html.
I came across it many years ago in a tiny little book about mothering. I found it strange that I had never heard of it as a youth when studying poetry.
I am sooo happy it is spreading in the birthing world!