Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Generation Y birthing

Young and beautiful mummies and daddies, bringing beautiful babies into the world.
Texting their messages in labour, telling a multitude of 'friends' how they feel on facebook, twittering, with baby's website being set up while the labour progresses.

Oh yes, it's not just Gen Y who do it. But, they (Gen Y that is) do it so 'naturally'.


Sif said...

The funniest thing to read is a gen X/Y mum tall about having a Home birth because birth is private and sacred and "you wouldn't have sex in a room full of strangers", and then they post in forums during labour and post pictures of the moment of birth on facebook and video montages on you tube (as you would when making love).

We are the "look at me" generations...

Wonder if Gen Z will reclaim their privacy?

Juniper said...

In my experience, Gen Z *is* reclaiming their privacy. My 12 yr old doesn't want me commenting, posting, pix, text or otherwise about him on the internet - ever! And he himself is very cautious about what he puts out there (eg. not much!). Maybe this will be the way of the next Gen?