Thursday, May 14, 2009

Little one

Tell me what you see, little one,
When the world you know has so suddenly changed.
People coming and going.
And bright lights.
Do you also see tears in my eyes?

Tell me what you hear, little one?
In a world that changes without care of you.
Different people,
Different places.
Do you also hear the voice of love?

Is that your mother's milk on your tongue, little one?
Nurture and warmth.
Blood on your head:
Distance, separation, and fear?
Reality so different from what you instinctively seek.

Loving you so imperfectly,
there are times when the best I have is to cry with you.
Yet in that poor loving you learn living.

May God be with you, to guide and bless you, little one, as you start life's journey.

Joy Johnston, May 2009

1 comment:

Marion Andrews (Editor) said...

What a caring, gentle statement!