Friday, June 26, 2009

in summary ...

From Health Minister Nicola Roxon: Historic Step forward for Midwives and Nurse Practitioners

From Australian College of Midwives: Mothers and babies at risk: Access to qualified midwives for homebirth under threat

From Maternity Coalition (by email - website not updated at the time of writing this blog) "Maternity Coalition’s vision is for all Australian women to choose who, where and how they birth. We are about increasing women’s choices so they can make informed decisions about the type of care that is right for them and their family. We are facing the prospect of having an evidence-based model of care being removed – and why? It would be an understatement to say we are concerned about this. We are VERY concerned about this."

From Homebirth Australia: "Deaths will increase with new announcements" ... "We believe every woman has the right to choose how and where she gives birth. Please stop homebirth becoming illegal and sign our online petition."

From Midwives in Private Practice (MiPP): "Can the Australian maternity community accept government interference in defining the setting of practice of a midwife? Would the medical community accept such wanton interference in its professional boundaries?"

Midwife-blogger Lisa Barrett: "I am a failure to understand why all women and midwives are totally up in arms at this. I know they aren't because many see it as better than nothing. That's really all midwives are good for, scraps from the Obs table. If every midwife decided to stop work for the day in protest then it would soon change."

Blogger Hoyden About Town "Homebirth to become illegal in a year. ... And no matter how low-risk the woman nor how much she desires a homebirth, women will not be allowed to do so legally with a midwife. Because the legislation introduced this week will ban midwives from practising without insurance; and there is no insurance provider for homebirth midwives. So long, too bad, so sad. Good bye."

Save Homebirth blog: offering support for people travelling to Canberra to protest at the Homebirth Australia Mother of All Rally, Monday 7 September.

Blogger-midwife Melissa Maimann: Access For Pregnant Women To Medicare Funded Midwifery Care On The Way: But not for homebirths

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Stitch Sista said...

I have also blogged about this Joy if you are interested in reading.

Not just midwives, but all women should be up in arms about this...sadly it's like preaching to the choir, only those with links to homebirthers are probably aware of the issue.