Friday, July 31, 2009

RALLY Tues 4 August, 10.30am

A protest is planned outside Nicola Roxon's office.

10.30am to 11.30am next Tuesday AUGUST 4.

1 Thomas Holmes St
Maribyrnong 3032

Every woman, or midwife, or other interested person is asked to make a calling card to leave with Minister Roxon. It is unlikely she is going to come out, that's OK you all need to leave a 'calling card'. [see attached examples]

With a short caption re who they are etc and a photo. For women that have stark differences in birth outcomes they could include pics of these. Midwives could highlight who they are, Mother, Grandmother, Midwife for X years etc.

This rally is being organised by Homebirth Australia, Maternity Coalition, Midwives in Private Practice, and other maternity interest groups.


Juniper said...

Joy, I love your examples of Calling Cards - fantastic! I am going to try hard to get to this event, and I hope it makes a difference!

hearwritenow said...

Thanks for posting examples of calling cards. It's helpful to see what others are writing, etc.

emma said...

See you there Joy, thank goodness for people like you to pass on the wisdom. What will happen if midwifes like you are outlawed?? Who can pass on the knowledge to the next generation??