Monday, August 24, 2009

A change of focus in this blog

The topics that I have explored in this blog in the past six+ months have been dominated by the cloud on the birthing horizon: the knowledge that Australian midwives face a future of being unlawful if we continue practising privately without indemnity insurance after 1 July next year.

As time has passed, the cloud has become blacker, as the extent of the midwife extermination campaign becomes clearer. The threat to our professional livelihoods, and to the options available to women who employ us, has become more ominous than I had imagined would be possible.

In the remaining nine months that I have as a midwife able to practise my profession openly, I plan to use this blog to record midwifery knowledge. I hope to identify issues as they occur in my practice, briefly exploring some of the complexities of woman centred midwifery care, and decision making that promotes and protects normality in birth.

I hope that readers will understand the urgency that I feel in recording this professional body of knowledge that I have accumulated and developed over the past 35 or so years. I know that women giving birth in harmony with their own God-given physiological power will not change, regardless of restrictive laws and regulations set up by governments. Authentic midwifery that is deeply protected in the intuitive minds of women will also survive the outrageous attempts of authorities to make birth a process that is managed with production line precision by people whose job it is to enforce compliance.

Readers who are interested in the ongoing negotiations and activism around private midwifery and homebirth, please keep an eye on blogs linked to this one, including Midwives in Private Practice, and Private Midwifery Services.

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