Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Senate committee takes the easy option

A few days ago I commented on the Senate Inquiry's repeated question to the Department, "Is this [the refusal of the government to include homebirth in the indemnity package for private midwifery practice, thereby making it unlawful for a midwife to attend homebirth in a private professional capacity] an unintended consequence?"

I concluded from the Hansard that the Department was unable or unwilling to answer the Senators' direct question. In fact, their avoidance of the question suggested that the consequence was truly intended.

Yet, in the Report of the Senate committee, released yesterday, we are told that "an unintended consequence of this may be to drive homebirths underground unless an exemption is granted or an insurance product found."

The Senate Committee review has failed to recommend any amendments to this legislation, despite overwhelming public interest and response.

That's politics.

That's political buck passing.

It's a hot potato.

They are washing their hands. "Not my problem!"

Watch the midwives' blogs for comment.

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