Friday, September 11, 2009

What will Medicare rebates mean?

A guest editorial 'Medicare rebates for midwives: An analysis of the 2009/2010 Federal Budget' appears in the September issue of the Journal of the Australian College of Midwives [to read more, click here]

Medicare fragments care into 'items' - fragments a woman into prenatal, intrapartum, and postnatal care, as most Australian women today experience. Medicare causes buck-passing between federal and state health departments.

Holistic primary maternity care by comparison is woman-centred, meaning that the pregnant woman/mother-baby dyad are central throughout the continuum of care. Midwives providing woman-centred care work with caseloads, or at the very least in small group practices. Notions of partnership between a woman and her known midwife, promotion of normal birth, and preventative measures - all of which are fundamental elements in the international definition of the midwife (ICM 2005), are nigh impossible in fragmented models of MEDI-care.


Privately practising midwives have been told that the Minister is concerned at the lack of support (from us) for the maternity reform process.

I have to say from my persptective the feeling's mutual.

We're back to Alice's adventures in Wonderland - "curiouser and curiouser!"

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