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Immediate Release - 7th December 2009


King’s College Hospital has abruptly severed its contract with the Albany Midwifery Practice with no prior consultation with women – and without proper provision in place to replace the service – leaving expectant and new mothers in the lurch and anxious about receiving appropriate care.

The Albany Midwifery Practice has been shown to offer the Gold Standard of care to around 200 women in Peckham each year. It provides an outstanding service which enables women to be cared for by a midwife they know. Women who use this service are enabled to make their own decisions about the place to birth. It is unacceptable to withdraw such a safe and much needed service from the poorest women in society.

The Albany Midwives’ care has provided women-centred care for women from deeply disadvantaged backgrounds for twelve years. Peckham ranks as the fourteenth most deprived district of 354 districts in England.

The statistics speak for themselves:
Albany Midwifery Practice [King’s College Hospital]

Caesarean section rate 14.4% [24.1%]
Breastfeeding rates 80% at 28 days [35% at 7 days]

Perinatal Mortality 4.9 per 1000 (1997-2007) [7.9 per 1000] (England and Wales 2006) 11.4 per 1000 (Southwark 2003-2005)

The Practice offers women a chance to have care from a midwife they know and to have their full attention throughout labour. Between 40% and 50% of these women choose to have their babies at home.

‘I feel blessed and truly privileged to have had the Albany midwives care for me during my pregnancy. They are an amazing group who go out of their way to treat their women (and our families) with the care and consideration we deserve during our pregnancies. I know for a fact that I wouldn’t have had the confidence to resist an instrumental delivery if I had not been so well informed and supported during my pregnancy and labour. I also know that I wouldn’t be the confident mother I am today if I had not met the Albany midwives. They have made a profound impact on my life and if I am blessed with a further pregnancy I wouldn’t hesitate in trusting them again with my care. ‘(Serra)

The Association for Improvements in the Maternity Services (AIMS) is concerned that these women may well find themselves in hospital where one-to-one care in labour is not offered. The Health Care Commission Report showed that over a third of women in King’s were left alone in labour or shortly after birth and were frightened. Already the UK maternal death statistics show that women in these disadvantaged groups are more than six times more likely to die in childbirth. All these deaths took place in hospital.

In order to justify the suspension of the service King’s College Hospital appears to be trying to make the case that the service is unsafe. They have looked at a selected number of Albany cases admitted to their Special Care Baby Unit and asked the Centre for Maternal and Child Enquiries (CMACE) to investigate.

We understand, however, that they have not examined the deaths of babies that have occurred in the King’s unit nor the babies from there who were also admitted to the Special Care Baby Unit. Nor do we have what AIMS believes is crucial data – comparative rates of mental illness after childbirth, where we believe the Albany is likely to have far better results.

This action mirrors the attempt, in 1985, by obstetricians at The London Hospital to strike off Wendy Savage, a consultant obstetrician, who provided the kind of care that women wanted and who also had a far lower caesarean section rate than her colleagues.

‘The suspension of one of the Albany Midwives and cessation of their practice reminds me of my own suspension in 1985. The same intolerance to alternative ways of providing maternity care, despite comparable outcomes for the babies and lower Caesarean section rates, the same technique of selecting cases with adverse outcomes without looking at the overall care, and the same refusal to look at what the women themselves want. I hope that King’s will listen to those who consider this suspension an outrage and reinstate the midwife and the service immediately.’
Wendy Savage MBBCh MSc HonDSc FRCOG

King’s has claimed that it has suspended the service because it has the safety of the mothers and babies at heart. The Albany Midwifery Practice has long been acknowledged as a centre of excellence, yet King’s management is unwilling to provide this standard of care for more women, and instead is trying to remove it so that women have no choice but to accept medicalised care.

The reality is that King’s College Hospital’s action in withdrawing the Albany Contract has put women and babies at increased risk.

AIMS demands that King’s College Hospital releases the CMACE Report and the comparable statistics for its own consultant unit so that data from both services can be examined objectively.

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