Monday, February 22, 2010


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Next Program: Monday 22 February 2010 at 9:35pm
Next Program's panellists

* Malcolm Turnbull - former Liberal leader
* Tanya Plibersek - Minister for Housing and Status of Women
* Mungo MacCallum - political commentator
* John Roskam - Institute of Public Affairs
* Jane Caro - social commentator

You can read questions submitted, and send your own question to the program.

My question could be put to several of the panellists, to answer from a social, political, or women's issues point of view. In maternity care throughout history the midwife has been the primary care provider who works with the woman. The government's new legislation is now set to give the medical profession veto power over which women can use midwifery services, potentially strangling private midwifery, and driving homebirth underground. Should this so called 'reform' be acceptable?

NOT ONE MENTION OF MATERNITY ISSUES, DESPITE HUNDREDS OF QUESTIONS BEING ASKED! Minister Plibersek looked unwell, and had a nasty cough - she should have stayed at home. A lot of time was given to Malcolm Turnbull; thinly disguised attempts to get him to speak against his replacement leader of the Opposition, and reignite the carbon debate. The show was not worth watching.

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