Friday, September 10, 2010

midwife 'humor'

If you are able to think critically about midwifery, natural birth, women's choice in health care, advocacy, pain relief, ..., this quirky video clip is worth watching.

Yes, it's American, and we're different, aren't we?

Here's a thumbnail sketch of the clip:

The midwife talks with the anaesthetist and says the labouring woman needs an epidural.
The anaesthetist asks the usual medical questions.
The midwife says the woman feels fine - but no objective measurements of the woman's condition have been made.  The epidural is being ordered so that the cervix can be checked.  But the woman wants a natural birth, so she doesn't want all that medical stuff done, and the midwife is advocating for the woman's choice.
[Thanks to Caroline Hastie for this video clip]

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