Friday, March 25, 2011

The birth of Richie Jack

It is with a deep sense of respect and privilege that I share this birth story link with my readers. You are invited to go to Ashley's blog and read her story.

As the midwife I experience a parallel journey. Together we negotiate the often unpredictable and challenging terrain that leads to birth. Our partnership requires trust that goes both ways - she needs to feel able to trust me, and I her.

As I read Ash's birth story, I was reminded of my own emotional journey, and the series of decisions that were made. I felt challenged as time passed - of course I would have loved to see it all happen spontaneously.

Today I visited Ash and little Richie, and as we had a cup of tea together we chatted about the birth, and all that has transpired since then. As we packed the deflated birth pool into its box, and put it in the car boot, there was no sense of loss in our minds. The birth pool had not been used, and Ash had given birth in the hospital. The hospital was the right place for this birth; the best place.

What more could we ask?

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Joy Johnston said...

A midwife who works at the Women's wrote: I have just read the birth story written by Ashley and I am quite moved by it. Great photos and I agree with her, no woman should ever give birth in a hospital without an independent midwife.