Monday, September 05, 2011

Mums Matter!

The Australian Private Midwives Association (APMA) has just launched an on-line campaign, called Mums Matter!

This is aimed at bringing the issue of women's rights back on the agenda (as it has slipped off many politicians radars!) We have 1 week before pollies are back in Canberra. By then we want 20,000 supporters sending emails sent to pollies across the country. It is super easy only takes 2 mins. Please pass on far and wide.

We know different women make different decisions but the vast majority support each others' ability to make them.

APMA is also asking for pledges of $20 to fund our campaign continuing. We don't need to all travel to Canberra this time we want to make it cheap, easy but still effective. Here's the link 

Thankyou for passing this message on.  


Emma said...

Hi Joy,

I wanted to pass on this response to the APMA campaign from a New Zealand friend of mine who recently gave birth, it highlights a very big difference between our two nations:

"Hi there,

We have such an excellent midwife service here - govt funded - would be so great for you to have that kind of care. We have monthly midwife checkups with the midwife we choose, and I didn't see anyone except her in my hospital birth (in a birthing pool - drug free except some post-birth gas for the stitches) - no Doctors at all!! It was really private and gentle and great."

Carolyn Hastie said...

Thanks for bringing this important campaign to our attention Joy. Mums certainly do matter! The time is right for this campaign. Social neuroscience is demonstrating very clearly that the baby's relationship with her/his mother is the foundation for all other relationships in life. Women need to feel safe and secure during pregnancy, birth and the postnatal period to birth and parent well. This campaign is one of the most vital social movements, as the rights of women to manage their childbearing experience are signififcantly under threat. Along with the erosion of women's rights to autonomy and informed choice comes depression and a disabling culture. All power to you and the campaign.