Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Becoming parents

The focus of the midwife is, without doubt, the woman.  Midwife means, literally, 'with woman'.

But the woman is much more than the bearer of a child.  The woman becomes a mother, in the context of a family, and the child is nurtured within her or his family.  The child grows physically, emotionally, and spiritually as food, shelter, and protection are provided by both mother and father, and values are taught from before birth.  Focus on becoming parents is included in the work of the midwife, and extends well beyond the scope of midwifery.

I have recently received a copy of a new book, "Becoming Us, The Essential Relationship Guide for Parents" by Elly Taylor.   I am looking forward to reading it.

It's available in all good book shops, ABC shops and on-line.

For more, see the linked website Parent Support Online.

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