Saturday, January 28, 2012

Planning for birth

I have updated my little booklet, Planning for birth, which I have used for many years as a handout for women who visit me, making inquiries about having a baby, and for midwives and students of midwifery.

This booklet is self-published, and copies are printed as required. Readers who would like like a .pdf copy, please request by email [I have not hyperlinked this email address, as that may invite spam] I am happy to share my work. If you want to use copyrighted items such as the poem 'waiting' on page 8, please give reference.


You are waiting to give birth.

Your pregnancy is a statement of your wellness, life and strength.  New life is swelling your womb. 
You and your mate accept the gift of life with eager anticipation.

Your body tells you that change and growth are following nature’s course.   The cessation of your menstrual flow, the desire for good food and rest, the enlargement of your breasts - all external - accompany the private dreaming.

As your midwife I am committed to supporting you and your family through this wonderfully basic life event - the birth of your baby - your personal, intimate celebration of life and health.

 ©Joy Johnston

The pages of the booklet are also scanned here - 4 sheets with 2 pages per side. 

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