Saturday, June 02, 2012


TOO good!

In this past month I have had many opportunities to enjoy the two little ones, James and Eve, who joined our family two years ago.

I have seen the two mothers go through amazing processes of learning to cope with the complexities of their lives, while mothering their babies.   I have seen two fathers adapt and learn how to love in a new way, and to become daddies.

I have reflected on the enormous investment of time, energy, money, and other entities that probably can't be described in a few words - investment by the child's parents, wider family, and community. Investment in a precious resource, a human life, and in the hope for a new generation.

Today I am posting a poem written my our beautiful daughter in law, Anna, celebrating Eve's second birthday. Anna has given me permission to share this tender love-poem with my readers. (Thankyou, Annie)

A Poem for Eve Dulcie - our La Dolce Vita (life is sweet), on your 2nd birthday..... 
I love your sense of humour-
Feeding breakfast to your toes
Declaring that it is "pickle day"
Or that you've lost your nose
I love your creativity, on paper (or on walls!)
The way you tell me stories
Or play dress-ups with scarves and shawls
You are my little encourager
Telling me that I'm good
At vacuuming or singing
Or playing Robin Hood
I love your little bird song
I could listen to your voice all day,
Singing songs in the bath
Or while you laugh and play
Your heart is so precious
Saying more than a love letter
You make me want to do my best
And as a mum, be better
The type of love you give is rare
So accepting and forgiving
An Evie filled life is one,
That is all the more worth living
I'm still learning to be your mum
I've made plenty of mistakes
But I'm head over heels for you kid
With every step we take
My curly headed rascal
My beautiful green eyed girl
Mummy's little hero, Daddy's little pearl
I love the way you love me
Always wanting to hold my hand
At breakfast or watching TV
Or playing in the sand
Your infectious belly chuckle
Your heart-warming grin
Your dainty royal wave
Your porridge covered chin
When I wake at morning
And when I sleep at night
I thank God for giving me you –
My Eve, my hearts delight."


Anonymous said...

such a beautiful expression of love - thanks for sharing Anna and Joy!

Anonymous said...

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Renee Wde said...

Thanks Joy and Annie for sharing this beautifully written I prepare to become a mother for the first time, reading this gives me a glimpse of what it might be like. P.S - I love your blog, Joy! xo