Friday, October 17, 2014


Dear reader

Over many years I have enjoyed writing as villagemidwife, and I know that there are many people who read my posts.  Much of my writing is an outpouring of thought and emotion that has been directly linked to my practice.  I am hoping to continue writing for a long time, but it's likely that that will change, as my life's pathway moves on.

I have attended the last birth in my caseload.  I am continuing to practise, particularly in sorting out breastfeeding problems and other postnatal care, but I have decided to act my age, and to leave the births to the younger midwives.  My decision to cease attending births was supported by the fact that in the past 3+ years, since the government's maternity reforms, the number of privately practising midwives in and around Melbourne has increased exponentially, while the number of women who wish to engage a midwife for homebirth, or hospital support, is increasing only steadily.  That means many midwives are under-employed, and there is huge competition for 'business'.

[aside] This sort of language may be unpalatable to some readers.  Birthing is about women and their beautiful babies.  Yes!  Surely midwives who practise independently do so because we have made personal commitments to the protection, promotion and support of natural birthing in a way that we are not likely to be able to practise in mainstream maternity services?  Yes!
But these wonderful possibilities can only be sustained if the midwife is free to focus on the woman and her child, and that means maintaining a reasonable caseload and being paid a reasonable amount of money. 

We have sold our house in the leafy Eastern suburbs, and bought a beautiful (smaller) house on five acres in Kyneton.  If you want to search, the address is 121 Rosa Court, Kyneton Victoria 3444.

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So far I am the only writer, but I would love to have other midwives record something of their wisdom, experiences, and learnings.

With best wishes
Joy Johnston