Monday, December 30, 2019

Abortion: The deal-breaker

Social media moves quickly.  

Comments and responses appear.

Recently I (Joy Johnston) experienced being blocked from a social media group that is connected (unofficially) with my Church.  I do not want to identify the Church, or the group.  Readers who know me know that I am a woman with a strong religious faith.  If you have any questions about what I believe and practice as a Christian, please contact me. 

The context was the Christianity Today editorials about the US President. I commented in the group "I can't see why some Christians make abortion the deal breaker. The provision of safe abortion is a key component of public health services." 

This comment was not acceptable.

I have been told to repent, that I'm probably not even a Christian, and that my Church should discipline me.  

Just to let you know I am personally opposed to abortion, and throughout my professional life I have attempted to support women in making better choices. However abortion is legal in Victoria, and I accept the fact.  That's the context of my comment.  We live in a secular society, that gives little regard to Christian principles, and the law at present where I live permits abortion.

Many people at the conservative end of the political system are feeding off the American political debate, and calling out 'murder' for anyone who is not waving the politically charged 'pro-life' banner, while they turn a blind eye to immorality, lying, ...  

So ...

With the wisdom of hindsight, I might have written my response more carefully.  My post was met with personal and targeted rejection. 

But I have spoken truthfully, and perhaps some good will come of it.  I am writing it here for the record.  I hope to develop the thought further as I critically examine my actions and beliefs.

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