Friday, March 25, 2011

The birth of Richie Jack

It is with a deep sense of respect and privilege that I share this birth story link with my readers. You are invited to go to Ashley's blog and read her story.

As the midwife I experience a parallel journey. Together we negotiate the often unpredictable and challenging terrain that leads to birth. Our partnership requires trust that goes both ways - she needs to feel able to trust me, and I her.

As I read Ash's birth story, I was reminded of my own emotional journey, and the series of decisions that were made. I felt challenged as time passed - of course I would have loved to see it all happen spontaneously.

Today I visited Ash and little Richie, and as we had a cup of tea together we chatted about the birth, and all that has transpired since then. As we packed the deflated birth pool into its box, and put it in the car boot, there was no sense of loss in our minds. The birth pool had not been used, and Ash had given birth in the hospital. The hospital was the right place for this birth; the best place.

What more could we ask?

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Midwives in Hungary

A report from Hungury, where homebirth midwives are being treated as criminals, prepared by Al Jazera

News [click here for link] has come that Agnes Gereb has been sentenced to two years in prison for malpractice, and banned from practicing both as an obstetrician and a midwife for five years.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

The villagemidwife e-book series

I am writing
To record my knowledge
To tell my stories
To teach others

I am a midwife. My words, thoughts and actions have been formed over many years and a unique set of experiences: the world into which I was born; the mother who bore me; the family that nurtured me; the towns and communities that have allowed me to be me, and this wide open land and its people.

I like to think that these are my thoughts, yet I know that much of what I say is my own filtering and organising of what I have absorbed from those around me. Although I am the speaker, I am not the source.

Midwifery belongs to women. The midwife is ‘with woman’, a companion for a distinct and definable childbearing event, in a special partnership. Midwifery does not belong to theorists, although the clear expression of the ‘with woman’ partnership by thinkers has helped set great value on this simple phrase.

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Normal birth for a breech baby

From time to time a presentation becomes available via this wonderful www that is really worth sharing.

Today I would like to direct my readers to the blogs of two colleagues, midwives who are committed, as I am, to sharing the knowledge and skill of authentic midwifery. I would encourage you to follow these two links, then come back and read my comments. Please feel free to make any comment here, or on the other blogs too. (You know that comments are very much appreciated by bloggers.)

Lisa Barrett has written about the Mechanisms of unassisted normal breech birth, with a superb set of photos.

Carolyn Hastie has presented this You-Tube video, which is in Spanish, with her own comments.