Sunday, July 11, 2010

ANNOUNCING: Midwifery from my heart

Midwifery from my heart is the first in a new e-book series.

If you would like a copy of Midwifery from my heart, simply send a small donation of at least $10 to a charity providing services or relief for needy mothers and families, and let me know that you have done so when you request Midwifery from my heart. [email: ]

Charities to consider include
TEAR Australia
World Vision
CP Australia
ACM Scholarship fund for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander midwives

Introduction to the Villagemidwife e-book series

I am writing
To record my knowledge
To tell my stories
To teach others

I am a midwife. My words, thoughts and actions have been formed over many years and a unique set of experiences: the world into which I was born; the mother who bore me; the family that nurtured me; the towns and communities that have allowed me to be me, and this wide open land and its people.

I like to think that these are my thoughts, yet I know that much of what I say is my own filtering and organising of what I have absorbed from those around me. Although I am the speaker, I am not the source.

Midwifery belongs to women. The midwife is ‘with woman’, a companion for a distinct and definable childbearing event, in a special partnership. Midwifery does not belong to theorists, although the clear expression of the ‘with woman’ partnership by thinkers has helped set great value on this simple phrase.

Midwifery is women’s business, evolving and moving with women, in our own time and space, along with our joys and sadnesses, our changing bodies, our children who are sometimes wonderful, and sometimes bring us near despair, and our hopes always for a better future.

Midwifery from my heart
is about the life I know and love. It’s from my heart because I have learnt it, deep in my own life, and in the homes and lives of the women who have taken me with them. It’s midwifery because it’s ‘with woman’.



Miss Melissa said...

Hi Joy, :)
I came across your blog whilst doing a search on google for midwives. :) Love it so far. Am going to send you an email! :)

Anonymous said...

Poverty tries friends.............................................................

Joy Johnston said...

Thankyou for this comment, "Poverty tries friends ..."
I am assuming from the characters that the writer is Chinese.
I wonder if the reference to poverty is linked to the offer of a copy of my e-book, Midwifery from my heart, for a small donation to a charity that provides for mothers and families.
If you are in a situation where you cannot afford at present to make a charitable donation of money, and would like to read the book, please send me an email

Joy Johnston said...

Another comment received by email:
Thank you so much for sending your e-book to me! It's wonderful! I'm making a $donation to our local pregnancy support center in return. You've blessed me again :-)